The A-Team / meet the First Seven

The A-Team / meet the First Seven

The A-Team / meet the First Seven:


Gergely Lágler

I have graduated with a master’s degree in electronics engineering in 2011. My main professional goals include creating useful devices, helping other people’s workflow with my expertise, engineering education, motivation and coordination of teamwork.

At my company, we are focused on creating R&D solutions for other companies. We are experts in electric vehicles in Hungary, and I am also the Technical Manager of the Formula Student East International engineering competition.

During the years I have found the “AllSpark” of engineering projects: you must find a team which has experts in all the related fields.

Szabolcs Veréb

My profession is my hobby since childhood. I equally love hardware, software, and mechanical projects. I wrote my master’s thesis at Gergely’s company, and we have also made very good friends over the years. As chief engineer of the Ratherboard project, it feels like my own child. I hope you will enjoy using it!

Dávid Kulcsár

I was involved in the manufacturing, and initial testing of the RB prototypes. Next year I will finish my studies at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I am proud to be a part of the team which created the Ratherboard together!

Dániel Várnagy

I work as a designer 120 km away from the others, so during the last 1.5 years I often spent my weekends travelling, and designing RB-related materials. It was worth it!

György Tücsök

I am the official photographer of the RB. Hunor is my founder partner in Innomotion Studio, which is a photo, video, and media formation based in Hungary. We are young, tenacious, and we love to work hard. I trust in the expertise of our team and in the success of the Ratherboard!

Hunor Tamás Dóri

I graduated as a logistic engineer. I apply knowledge acquired at the University to our video productions. We have been colaborating with Gergely and Szabolcs since 2014. As a preditor I am the organizer and editor behind all the videos that you seen on our website. I hope you enjoyed them!

Gábor Sulcz

I started my own crowdfunding project with the help of the guys. AquaShield also uses an RPi inside, so I tried to give as much feedback for the RB project as I was able to. During the last few years I supported several crowdfunding projects from the background, so I am a kind of a crowdfunding codex in the A-Team.


Together, we are the Ratherbord team, the First Seven of the RB Community. Join us!

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