RB and RPi advantages

RB and RPi advantages

The advantages of the RB and the RPi:


Those 10 million people in the world who already have a Raspberry Pi all know how limitless the possibilities are when it comes to using it in their projects. In many cases, the Ratherboard can make the solution more robust and faster to implement. Ratherboard is compatible with the RPi. /Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation/

We have gathered a list of possible input and output types, to help you get ideas for your next Do-It-Yourself project!

  • Sensor input examples
    • Monitoring switches
      • Push buttons on user interface
      • Door opening
      • Motion sensor output
    • Detecting case opening
      • by internal tamper switch
      • by internal ambient light sensor
    • Temperature measurement
      • Precision measurement with PT100 or “thermocouple” in 4-wire measurement mode (length of measuring leads does not affect precision)
      • with external temperature sensor connected to digital bus (I2C) – for example: HIH8120-021-001
    • Humidity measurement
      • with external humidity sensor connected to digital bus (I2C) – for example: HIH8120-021-001
    • Light intensity measurement
      • by reading analog signal from light sensitive resistor – for example: VT90N2
    • RPM measurement
      • using external induction sensor – for example: MCPIP-T12L-011
      • using external Hall-sensor – for example: PGN-SP-001
      • using external encoder
      • using external potentiometer
    • Displacement measurement
      • using external potentiometer
      • using external magnetostrictive displacement encoder – for example: MME-MTS-TLF
      • using external linear Hall-sensor – for example: LP 100-H (Bosch Motorsport)
    • GPS position measurement
      • with integrated GPS – for example: U-Blox CAM-M8Q on the Ratherboard
    • Acceleration and rotation measurement
      • with integrated 3-axis acceleration and rotation sensor
    • DC voltage measurement
      • using analog input
    • DC current measurement
      • with external Hall-sensor – for example: HTFS 400-P
      • with external shunt resistor – for example: SHD1-100C075DE


  • Example outputs
    • Digital
      • 12 V @ 2.5 A
      • 5 V @ 0.1 A
      • Relay operation – lamp, valve, alarm bell, electric motor (ventilator, pump, linear actuator), etc. control
    • Analog
      • Lamp light intensity
      • Motor RPM
      • Proportional valve control


  • Communication
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • UART
    • SPI
    • I2C


The Ratherboard makes it possible for the already successful RPi mini-computer to become a modern, heavy-duty, easily integrated, re-sellable product. From now on, deep understanding of hardware architecture is no longer required to create a product for the market.

We have also gathered a few use-case examples sorted thematically:

  • Home gardening, greenhouse control, aquaristics, pet feeder, barn remote monitoring
  • Camera control and video streaming for photography, home security, baby monitoring, ornithology
  • Weather station
  • Machine control
  • High altitude ballooning
  • Electronic displays, interactive citylights, and advertising boards
  • Smart homes, RFID systems
  • Vehicle home- and on-board diagnostics
  • Home brewery
  • Fish bite indicator
  • RPI-reincarnation of old computer games
  • RPI server, Multimedia center
  • Lab and science projects
  • DIY Oscilloscope and other kind of laboratory equipment


… and the list goes on!

Just look up any of the mentioned areas and you will find articles and downloadable solutions such as this one by Ms. Liz Upton on the RPi official blog: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/automated-home-brewing/

What do You want to build at home? Can we help? Choose Ratherboard!

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