What does Budapest mean to us? – The opening scene of our campaign video

What does Budapest mean to us? – The opening scene of our campaign video

What does Budapest mean to us? – The opening scene of our campaign video:

Every one of our members have learned and/or lived and/or still live in Budapest, so we found highlighting our beautiful city in our introduction to be something of great importance. Budapest is the capitol of Hungary, and its biggest and most populated city, holding the 9th position on the list of most populated cities of the European Union with roughly 2 million residents. In the city you can find several sights part of the UNESCO World Heritage, such as the Banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter, the Heroes’ Square, and the Millennium Underground Railway, which is one of the oldest underground railways in the world after the London Underground. Other tourist attractions are the seven bridges over the Danube, and of course the thermal spas, since of those Budapest has the most in the world among capitols. We have developed the Ratherboard in Budapest as well, all of these make it a truly special and important city for us.

We wanted to show a few properties of the Ratherboard in a funny short clip with us and the city, so we created the contraption you can see in the picture, and turned it on up on the Gellért-hill, close to The Citadella. In some of the pictures you can see the Buda Castle, the Danube, and the Parliament of Hungary, which is the third biggest parliamentary building in the world. Every part of the funny-looking contraption was controlled by the Ratherboard, and everything was powered by a small 12 V battery. The tray is rotated by a geared motor based on the signals from a gear-tooth sensor (colored red) and a pre-defined algorithm. The background music of our video can be heard from a waterproof speaker. Then the RB starts the 12 V DC motor, which sprinkles sand and colourful pebbles from a container above, which are blown to the RB by a PWM controlled fan (RC-plane motor). Finally a pump pours water all over the dust- and watertight casing. On this day we proved to ourselves that even doing something fun is more enjoyable after hard work, and that seeing the fruits of your labour is always worth it.

For those of you who are about to visit Hungary, we urge you to find this hillside spot, since it has the best view on the city.

We hope you are already waiting for our next article! We can only tell it’s going to be a technical one!

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